On Thursday the 12th of december, the experts, the associated cities and the Sustainable Design School (SDS) were invited for the Local Governance Workshop organized in Nice to visit the equipments built on the promenade des Anglais. The visit began by a short reminder of the Attack of Nice of the 14th of July 2016.

The specific objectives of Nice’s Local Governance Workshop were to gather project’s consortium, Experts Advisory Committee, associated Cities and SDS students to exchange and work on the topics of public spaces protection, to learn about the equipment installed by the city of Nice and debate around the best practices and opportunities for improvement and to deepen our know-how of security in crowded urban space.

The engineers and the architect who were in charge of conceiving and building this equipment explained all the technical aspects of the demonstrator and the reasons of the technical choices. This presentation was followed by a visit on site. All the participants were invited to give their opinion and assessment of the demonstrator.

During the afternoon, there were 2 workshops: the first one was organized by the SDS through different games to experience the perceptions of the participants, the second one was about the choice of “hard” security for the Promenade des Anglais.

The last event of the day was a conference from Karine EMSELLEM, one of PACTESUR expert, who worked on the social impacts of the attack of Nice.

On Friday the 13th of December, the day was dedicated to work on a simulated case that was the attack of the TGV Paris-Nice.