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Protect Allied Cities against TErrorism in Securing Urban aReas

Nice | Torino | Liège

Protect Allied Cities against TErrorism in Securing Urban aReas

The European week of Security of Torino in replay

If you missed one session of the European week of security, don't worry! All the event is available in replay on Youtube. Sessions in English: Sessions en français: Sessioni in Italiano:

European week of security in Live! 19-23 October 2020

Live Streaming: Sessioni in Italiano: Sessions in English: Sessions en Français:

European week of Security from the city of Torino

In the framework of the PACTESUR project, the city of Turin (IT) is pleased to invite you to the second European Week of Security, which will be held online on 19-23 October. The agenda includes topics such as terrorist threats, crisis management and communication,...

The project’s objective

The objective is to improve cities capacity to secure their urban areas against terrorism.


PACTESUR’s consortium involves three flagship cities (Nice, Torino, Liège) committed to strengthening their cooperation and having convergent strategies on urban security and three partners (ANCI, EFUS, NCA).
10 more cities will be selected and directly engaged as associated cities by the end of February 2019.

project based on four pillars

in-depth reflection

An in-depth reflection on standards, legal frames and local governance

specialized training

The development of specialized training for local security operators


The awareness-raising of citizens and politicians on their role on prevention and as security actors


The identification of the most adapted local investments for securing open and touristic public spaces by sharing field experience

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