Urban security and the role of local authorities in the prevention of terrorist attacks were at the center of the workshop organized by the City of Torino and by ANCI Piedmont as part of the European project PACTESUR.

More than 60 people – representatives of Piedmontese Municipalities and Local Police, as well as officials of the Prefectures and Police Forces – took part in the workshop held, in recent days, at the ANCI Piedmont headquarters within PACTESUR project.

XIX Small Towns Assembly
The project aims to strengthen the capacities of cities and local actors in protecting and securing urban public spaces, also following the escalation of threats and terrorist events recorded in Europe in recent years.

Specialized training for local police forces, investments in equipments, street furniture and technologies, cooperation and standard protocols, safety communication and citizenship cooperation for prevention: these are the issues on which PACTESUR project will work.

The workshop held at Palazzo Cisterna made it possible to get a clear overview of the level of the terrorist threat in Europe, with a special focus on integrated security both from a regulatory point of view and from the point of view of good practices implemented by Italian municipalities at various levels.

On the sidelines of the workshop, a round table among experts made it possible to provide a focus on the Italian situation regarding emergency management procedures in the event of a public event, medical first aids in a tactical environment and the role of the associations in strengthening urban safety through communication of security in a state of emergency and in struggling against radicalization.

We thank the experts: Edoardo Mattiello (ANCI Piedmont), Maria Chiara Ciferri (ANCI), Gian Guido Nobili (Italian Urban Security Forum) and Umberto Nicolini (Urban Quality and Safety Laboratory), Isabella Abrate (European Forum for Urban Security), Luca Guglielminetti (City of Torino, Table on the Contrast to Radicalization), Marco Filippi (Crisis management expert). The event was attended by: Emiliano Bezzon, Commander of the Turin Municipal Police Force and Gianfranco Todesco, Commander of the Technological Investigation Department, Turin Municipal Police Corps.