• The 16th of May, in Turin, it will be held a workshop on emergency management during public events. The workshop is organized by A.N.C.I. Piemonte in cooperation with the City of Turin and aims at exploring the state of the art in Italy about the following topics:
    technical and tactical procedures of the terrorism in Europe (homegrown and foreign fighting terrorism)
    powers of the Major of the Municipality in the field of security (laws and regulations)
    local police (which kind of employment in case of emergency?)
    neighborhood watching (is it possible to use it for detecting potential terrorists?)
    civil & police cooperation (laws and regulations related to citizens working under the control of local police for patrolling the public spaces)
    emergency management procedures (security & safety) in public events
    passive and active detection and protection measures against attacks.
    The event will last from 9 AM up to 1 PM and will be held at Palazzo Cisterna – Sala Consiglieri, Via Maria Vittoria, n. 12.
  • In the afternoon, it will be held a panel discussion of experts about:
    emergency management procedures during public events (role of the local police in case of emergency)
    treatment of injured people (is it usefull to provide basic skills of tactical medicine to local police units?)
    detection of suspicious behaviours. Role of citizens (is it possible to set up a cooperation between local police and citizens for detecting the first signals of a possible attak?)
    security communication (techniques for making people aware of security warning and procedures without scare them and spread panic)
    counter radicalisation (how to counteract the terroristic propaganda? The Trivalent EU project and the role of the city of Turin).
    According to the results of the panel discussion it will be possible to study a specific training for local police about how to behave in case of emergency.